Mudflap Partner Referral Program

What is the Mudflap Partner Referral Program?

This is a limited time program that runs for the next 30 days. Mudflap is rewarding fuel stop partners with a cash bonus for every new customer referral who buys fuel at least once with the Mudflap app. Staff members are encouraged to tell their customers about the benefit of saving money on diesel with Mudflap.

How does the Program work?

Each partner store location has a unique Mudflap referral code. This code should be provided to any referred customer and will be used to track the total number of referrals by each partner store over the 30 day program.

How can we refer a customer to Mudflap?

  1. Ask customer to download the free Mudflap app from Google Play or the App Store
  2. After download, ask customer to sign up and enter your store’s Mudflap referral code
  3. After sign up, customer can buy fuel with an instant discount during that visit or a future visit

How much can we earn in referral bonuses?

  1. For each referred customer: $10 bonus + $0.01 per gallon for all gallons purchased at any Mudflap partner stop over the next 90 days
  2. For 50+ customers referred: $500 additional bonus!
  3. For 100+ customers referred: $1,000 additional bonus!

Where can we direct a customer who wants more info about Mudflap?

If a customer wants more info before deciding to download the free Mudflap app, please direct them to to learn more about how Mudflap can help them save money.

How does Mudflap benefit my store?

Mudflap is a great way to offer instant discounts to new and existing customers, without changing the sign price. This drives more gallon sales and in-store purchases for your store.

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