Mudflap Partner FAQ

How many truck stops are on the Mudflap network?

Over 1,800 truck stops across the US are members of the Mudflap fuel network.

Does my truck stop qualify?

Mudflap serves the trucking industry. Our partner stops must have available high-flow diesel pumps and provide space for Class 8 trucks to enter and exit the property to fuel up easily.

What benefits can partners expect to receive when they join Mudflap?

Mudflap partners with truck stops that want to attract independent owner-operators and smaller fleets to their stops. Mudflap is the #1 fuel app with this audience, with over 600K downloads of our app.

How does the Mudflap fuel discount program work?

Mudflap and our fuel stop partners work together to come up with a pricing structure that will attract new customers and incremental gallons, while maintaining positive margins.

Are there any upfront costs associated with joining the Mudflap network?

No, there are no set up costs or upfront fees to get started.

Does Mudflap need to integrate with my current POS?

No, Mudflap does not need to integrate with your POS. We provide a tablet experience that runs alongside your existing point of sale system and requires only power and a Wi-Fi connection to set up.

Who is responsible for collecting payment from the drivers?

Mudflap collects payment from the driver and guarantees payment to the partner. All transactions are captured via daily transaction reports. You will need to provide Mudflap with a linked bank account for the purpose of settlement and disbursements. All payments between parties occur via ACH.

How does Mudflap compare to other fleet cards?

Mudflap offers many advantages over existing alternatives:

- Preferred by Drivers: 94% of drivers say Mudflap is their preferred fuel program. 
- Bringing You Hard-to-Reach Traffic: Mudflap is #1 with independents and small fleets. 
- Fair and Transparent Pricing. We aim to create a pricing structure that works for your business; no settlement, monthly or annual fees. 
- Easy Set Up. No upfront costs to get started; train cashiers in minutes. 
- Friend of Smaller Stops. Mudflap partners with smaller chains and independents. 
- Exceptional Service. 24/7 live support from kind humans via phone, chat or email.