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Win more gallons when you partner with Mudflap.

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Mudflap promotes our partner stops to our loyal network of truckers. When you join the Mudflap network, you can expect to see a significant boost in fuel sales almost instantly. Don’t miss out on the drivers in your area who want to use Mudflap when they fuel up.
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Promote your stop to our network of over half a million drivers.
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Increase your traffic as much as 40% in the first year.
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Boost your fuel sales by 45K extra gallons monthly on average.
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Earn an extra $51 gross profit per driver on average.
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Keith Dennis, Mach 1

Regional Convenience Store Chain Manager

Independent Stop Owner, Nebraska

Jeremy H., Speedee Mart

How Much Can I Earn?

Find out how much revenue you can generate with Mudflap.*
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*Based on nationwide average retail price of diesel in 2022.

How Much Can I Earn?

Find out how much you can earn with Mudflap.
Additional Gallons Per Week
*The estimated annual savings is based on avg savings across the Mudflap network over the last 90 days and includes fuel rewards and bonuses that are part of the Mudflap loyalty program.

Get Real ROI From Day One

Zero upfront cost or setup fees
No IT and no POS integration required
Easy-to-use point of sale
Have cashiers up and running in minutes
Gallon growth dashboard
Watch your gallons grow in real time
Detailed financial reporting
View and download transaction history easily
24/7 live support
We’re always available to help by phone, chat or text

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Please fill out the form below if you’re interested in partnering with Mudflap. This form is exclusively for truck stop merchants looking to expand their reach to Mudflap drivers.

If you’re a driver looking to use Mudflap, please visit our site here. We look forward to working with you!

The following criteria are requirements to join as a Mudflap Truck Stop:

  • Separate Diesel Canopy or Island

  • High-Flow Diesel Pumps