Mudflap Card FAQ

What is the Mudflap Card?

Mudflap recently expanded our fuel payment options to include the Mudflap Fleet Card™. It’s a Visa Fleet Card that allows fleets to use Mudflap anywhere Visa® is accepted and save on every gallon pumped.

How much can I save?

Use the Mudflap Fleet Card™ to save your drivers up to $100 per fill-up on diesel, DEF and more when you purchase your fuel with Mudflap partners.

How much does it cost?

Unlike most fuel cards, it’s totally free to use! The Mudflap Fleet Card™ does not charge any annual fees, monthly service fees, or interest. (Fees are only charged for returned payments, late payments, or payments by means other than ACH.)

What benefits does the Mudflap Card offer?

Mudflap helps your drivers find great deals up to $100 per fill-up at over 2,300 participating truck stops nationwide.1 Can’t find a nearby Mudflap stop? No problem. You can still use the Mudflap Card to buy discounted fuel anywhere Visa is accepted. You’ll receive a 2¢ per gallon rebate for all purchases out of network.

In-Network Benefits:
- Get industry-leading fuel discounts
- Save up to $100 per fill-up1
- Use at over 2,300 partner locations

Out-Of-Network Benefits:
- Buy fuel anywhere Visa® is accepted
- Get 2¢ per gallon rebate
- Earn rewards on every gallon pumped

What does the Mudflap Card come with? 

- Unlimited Visa® Fleet Cards
- Change spending limits and driver permissions instantly.
- Pay at the pump or the fuel desk.
- Fleet management tools for desktop and mobile.

Does the Card work at all of the same stops?

Yes, all of Mudflap’s network partners should accept the Mudflap Card as a payment method. When you use the card at a Mudflap partner stop, you will receive the same discounted fuel price that you see in the Mudflap app. In addition, you can also use the Mudflap Card to buy fuel outside of the Mudflap network, anywhere Visa® is accepted. 

Are there any fees associated with the Mudflap Card?

- No annual fees
- No interest charges
- No monthly service fees

Fees are only charged for returned payments, late payments, or payments by means other than ACH.

When did you launch the Mudflap Card?

Mudflap expanded our fuel payment options to include the Mudflap Fleet Card™ in the spring of 2023.

How do I get the Mudflap Card? 

The card is available to qualified fleets with an approved application. The best way to join is to visit or call one of our card specialists at: 1-888-885-FUEL.

What does it take to apply?

The Mudflap Fleet Card is currently available for businesses legally registered in the United States as LLCs or Corporations that have an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Our card application will collect name and address information for your business and the business owners. Owners will need to supply a valid U.S. address and a Social Security Number. Simply register for a Mudflap account and then follow the instructions to complete the application.3 One of our team members is available to guide you - just call us at 1-888-885-FUEL for assistance.

Besides the card, what types of tools does Mudflap have for fleet owners?

We have Fleet Management tools to help fleet owners optimize and manage fuel spend across all of their drivers.

- Desktop & Mobile options: Manage your fleet from home or on the road.
- Driver Management: Add, remove or block drivers quickly.
- Spend Controls: Manage spending and savings across your fleet.
- Simplified Reporting: Get fleet and driver-level reporting for IFTA and other purposes.
- Serious Rewards: Earn instant discounts for every gallon pumped.

I’m a fleet owner. Why will my drivers like the Mudflap Card?

94% of drivers say Mudflap is their fuel program of choice. They love the convenience and ease of the Mudflap app, as well as our incredible customer service.

With Mudflap, your drivers get:
- Nationwide Deal Finder: Search the best deals on fuel in real time.
- Lock In Great Discounts: Claim your deal up to 24 hours in advance.
- Amenities Locator: Find showers, parking, DEF, and more.
- Spend Tracking: All of your receipts and reports in one easy place.
- 24/7 Live Support: Get help anytime, anywhere by phone, text, or chat

I’m a fleet owner. Why should I switch to Mudflap?

Compared to other fuel programs out there, Mudflap has:
- Industry's best fuel discounts
- A fleet card that can be used anywhere with great benefits in- and out-of-network
- Free to use with no hidden fees
- Free mobile and desktop fleet management tools
- 24/7 live support from kind humans