Mudflap App FAQ

How does the Mudflap app work?

Mudflap is designed to be simple and easy to use. Here’s how it works:

1. Use the map to find a fuel stop. You can do this while at the stop or from anywhere.  
2. Tap the green button to get a fuel code.
3. This is the code we use to apply your discount.
4. When prompted, add a debit or credit card as your payment method.
5. Visit the fuel desk, and show them your code (they will turn on the pump) Go pump your fuel.

Once you’re done fueling, Mudflap will charge you the discounted Mudflap price and immediately email you an IFTA-friendly receipt (no need to pay the fuel stop directly). You can also get a paper receipt at the fuel stop.

Need help? Check out this quick explainer video.

How do I find fuel stops with great discounts?

Go to the map in the Find Fuel section of the Mudflap app. You can see all of the discounted prices by either tapping around the map or searching by location or by route.

When can I make my first purchase?

You can make your first purchase in minutes! If you see a stop on your route, go ahead and get a fuel code. As long as you have a payment method on file, you can go ahead and fuel up.

Why do I need to add a payment method to the Mudflap app?

To get instant discounts with Mudflap, drivers pay for their fuel directly using the Mudflap app (you don’t pay the stop). Once you pump your gallons, Mudflap will charge your credit or debit card on file the discounted Mudflap price for your fuel purchase. You never need to show or give your card to the fuel stop.

Can I use my fleet card as a payment method in the app?

Besides accepting any debit or credit card, the Mudflap app will accept any fleet card that also has a Mastercard / Visa logo on the front and can be used to buy non-fuel purchases like convenience store items. We also recently launched the Mudflap Fleet Card powered by Visa, which allows fleet owners like you to issue Mudflap Cards to each of your drivers, capture Mudflap discounts in network, and also use the card anywhere Visa is accepted.

Does Mudflap charge any fees?

The Mudflap app is free to download with no hidden fees. We do not charge fees for debit or ACH users. If you choose to pay by credit card, a 1.9% fee will be added to the final transaction amount, net of any credits.

How secure is the app?

The safety and security of your payment information is a top priority. Mudflap protects your payment information with the same security and SSL encryption used by Amazon and Google.

I need fuel receipts for IFTA. Does Mudflap provide a receipt?

Yes, for every Mudflap fuel purchase, you’ll automatically be emailed a detailed receipt with a printable PDF-version attached as well. You can also see your entire receipt history in the Fuel Codes section of the app.

Does Mudflap provide an IFTA report?

Yes, you can request a free IFTA report at any time from within the Fuel Codes section of the app.

How long are fuel codes valid? Do they expire?

Fuel codes are valid for 24 hours before they expire. If your plans change, you can cancel a code at any time with no fee. If you pull a fuel code in advance of arriving to a truck stop and discover a better price in the app upon arrival, you also have the option to cancel your prior code and create a new one for the lower price.

If I’m a fleet owner or dispatcher, can I use the Mudflap app to buy fuel for my drivers?

Fleets can apply for the recently launched Mudflap Fleet Card by Visa, which allows you to issue Mudflap Cards to each of your drivers, capture Mudflap discounts in network, and also buy fuel anywhere Visa is accepted. You also have the option of getting fuel codes on behalf of your drivers and then texting or emailing the fuel code to them.

Can I use the Mudflap app outside of the Mudflap network?

Not at this time. You can only use the Mudflap app to pay for fuel at our 2,300 participating locations. Fleets can apply for the Mudflap Fleet Card by Visa, which allows you to capture Mudflap discounts in network but also buy fuel anywhere Visa is accepted.

How big is the Mudflap network? What if I don’t see a stop nearby?

Mudflap currently partners with over 2,300 fuel stops across the country, and is widely available in the lower 48, including popular chains such as Speedway, TA, Casey’s, Kwik Trip, Maverik, Road Ranger, and more. Mudflap is also accepted at all AMBEST locations. We are adding new fuel stops to the Mudflap network every day. If you have favorite stops that you’d like to see added to Mudflap, we’d love to hear your recommendations—please send us a chat, email, or call us.

Does Mudflap offer discounts on DEF?

Yes! Mudflap is the first fuel program to also offer discounts on DEF and other fuel types and additives. Not all of the partners in our network discount DEF at this time, so be sure to verify DEF discounts when viewing the truck stop page of your selected stop.

How does Mudflap provide such great fuel discounts?

Mudflap partners directly with fuel stops that want to earn the business of more independent truckers and smaller fleets. These stops are willing to offer a special Mudflap-only price that is much better than their pump price or other fuel card discounts.

Why do fuel discounts fluctuate in the app?

Historically, Mudflap’s average discount per gallon is 59¢ but varies based on prevailing prices in a given region and other economic conditions. Fuel prices fluctuate daily, but we aim to deliver the best discounts available to you.

How does Mudflap make money?

Mudflap gets paid by our fuel stop partners if enough drivers use Mudflap to buy fuel at their location. Mudflap wins when our customers and fuel stop partners win.

How can I contact Mudflap?

We’d love to hear from you and provide several ways that you can reach out: send us a chat message, email us at, or give us a call at 1-888-885-FUEL.

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