It’s super easy to use:
1. Select the truck stop you want to use, and click to get a fuel code.
2. Show the cashier your fuel code, and they'll authorize the pump and turn it on for you.
3. Pump as much fuel as you need.
4. DONE! You can now leave.
5. You will be charged through the Mudflap app using the payment method you provide.
6. An IFTA-formatted receipt will be emailed to you from Mudflap immediately, showing how much you were charged at the discounted rate.
Note: you can go back into the store to get the paper receipt from them, it will show the pump price. The receipt we email to you immediately after the transaction will show the price you were actually charged at the Mudflap discounted rate.

Other important information:
We add new truck stops to the app every week!
Our Customer Service is available 24/7 - we answer ALL calls and messages.

I hope this is helpful to you and that you're staying safe out there!

Mudflap Support