Get Pumped!
Our Discount Boosters are here.

Get up to $120 of extra monthly savings with discount boosters.

How It Works

1. Earn 1 point for every qualified gallon you purchase at a Mudflap partner stop during a given month (or double points for paying via a linked bank account!)

2. Your points unlock a monthly discount booster of up to 4¢ per gallon on top of Mudflap’s already great discounted prices.

3. Your discount booster will be applied to every qualified gallon you pump the following month.

Mudflap Discount Boosters in Action

*Qualified gallons are defined as any Mudflap discounted gallon. Points are earned on purchases of DISCOUNTED gallons only - you do not earn points for any other purchases.

Program FAQs

What are Discount Boosters? How do they work?
Discount Boosters help you save more on every qualified gallon* pumped. The process is simple: Purchase fuel at any Mudflap partner stop. Earn 1 point per qualified gallon* (2 points per gallon when you pay via a linked bank account!). Your accumulated monthly points unlock guaranteed discounts for the following month. It’s a great way to increase the discount you are already getting on every gallon.
When are Discount Boosters launching?
The Discount Boosters officially launch on September 1, 2023. The gallons that you purchase in August are already accumulating points toward your bonus discount in September. If you would like to accumulate double points for September, you must have a linked bank account as your primary payment method in the Mudflap app. Click here on your mobile device to update your payment method.
How do I sign up?
All Mudflap customers are automatically enrolled in Discount Boosters and earn 1 point per gallon. To earn 2 points per gallon, you’ll need to set up a linked bank account in the Mudflap app.
How do I earn points?
All purchases of qualified gallons* made at Mudflap partner stops will count toward bonus discounts. You can use the chart below to see how quickly discounts can add up!
How do I earn 2x points?
You can earn 2x points on every qualified gallon and qualify for our highest discount tier twice as fast when you use a linked bank account as your primary payment method.
Is there a waiting period? Or are new customers eligible for Discount Boosters?
Starting on Day 1, the gallons that you pump at Mudflap partner stops will accumulate points towards your next month’s bonus discount. To unlock double rewards, you will need to link a bank account as your primary payment method.
Do I have to pay a membership fee to be eligible for Discount Boosters?
No, the Discount Boosters are free to all customers and do not require a membership fee.
Do the Discount Boosters expire? For example, what if I am not on the road in September? Can I use my discount in October instead?
Your earned discount is applicable to all purchases for the full month following the month in which it was earned. Discounts do not carry over from month to month. For example: if you pump 1,000+ qualified gallons through the Mudflap app in September, you will earn a 2c/gallon discount (or 3c/gallon discount when you pay with a linked bank account!) that can be applied to all purchases in October.
How are months calculated? For example, if I sign up on the 15th of a month, do I have a full 30 days to get points?
The bonus discounts are based on calendar months, from the first to the last day of each month. The qualified gallons that you purchase at Mudflap partners during a calendar month will automatically qualify for bonus discount points towards your following month’s reward.
Can I ever be disqualified from the program? For example, if I unlink my bank account?
If your bank account becomes unlinked, your gallons will still qualify for the standard points. Our best discounts (2 points per gallon) are only available for users paying with a linked bank account at Mudflap partner stops. If you unlink your bank account, your gallons will only qualify for 1 point per gallon. 
What is happening to the Gallon Goals rewards?
Discount Boosters will replace the current Gallon Goals rewards. We are excited to be able to offer this new program, allowing customers to earn up to $120 extra savings per month (vs. $25, which was the maximum that could be earned with Gallon Goals). Even if you are a less frequent user of Mudflap, you can still earn more with the new program. For example, customers who normally receive $5 in Gallon Goals can receive up to $10 for the same level of activity (or up to $40 when you pay via a linked bank account!)
Will I still receive my Gallon Goals for August 2023?
Yes, the gallons that you pump in August are still earning Gallon Goals, and these will be deposited as fuel credits in your account on September 1, 2023. Beginning on September 1st, the new Bonus Discount Program will take the place of Gallon Goals.
Will this impact my current Fuel Credits?
No, your current Mudflap Fuel Credits are yours to keep and do not expire.