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The Mudflap mobile app finds you new customers who want to save at your stop.

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Join the Mudflap network by offering fuel at a special rate


New customers pay for their fill-up in the Mudflap app


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Mudflap empowers independent truck stops and regional groups who want to win more fuel business.


Wait and hope for street gallons

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Win new customers when they’re still miles away

Truck Stops Across America Are Joining Mudflap

Get discovered by new customers and enjoy FREE marketing.

More Sales, No Hassles

Free online advertising

New fuel sales

No change to sign price

No merchant fees

No IT needed

New c-store sales

Free online advertising

New fuel sales

No change to sign price

No transaction fees

Guaranteed store visits

New c-store sales

24/7 Customer Support

Feel confident in your ability to sell more gallons. Fuel is a 24/7 business, and so are we. Mudflap Customer Support is available around the clock to assist drivers and truck stops with any questions or issues.

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Truck Stops Love Mudflap

Mudflap pre-sells my gallons to owner-operators I’d never find on my own.
Jonn H.
Independent Stop Owner (IA)
Zero transaction fees. Zip. Zilch. After years of paying Comdata, Mudflap is so refreshing.
Steve O.
3-Stop Owner (IL)
Love the free advertising. We just landed a new customer when he was still three states away.
Jackie F
Independent Stop GM (MO)
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