Nominate Your Favorite Truck Stop
(and get a free hat!)

Nominate a Truck Stop
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Help us grow the Mudflap Network in the places you drive most!

Wish there were more stops in your neck of the woods? Help Mudflap grow its network of truck stops and provide even bigger savings to drivers like you. 

Nomination Requirements

  • Truck stop must not be a Current or Previous Mudflap Partner (including stops currently joining the Mudflap network). New nominations only.
  • Must have high-flow diesel pumps at their location.
  • Must be in the continental U.S.
  • Excludes Love's, Pilot/Flying J's, and TA Travel Centers/Petro.

Nominate a Truck Stop!

* Must be a current Mudflap customer with an account in good standing to participate. Limit one qualified nomination per customer. Limit one hat per customer. Note: $100 credit will be sent to the first nomination received for each unique stop that signs on with Mudflap in 2022.

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