Driver FAQs

How does Mudflap provide special fuel pricing that’s not available anywhere else?

Mudflap partners directly with independent truck stops and regional stop groups that want to earn your business. When you pre-buy gallons on Mudflap, these stops can offer you a special Mudflap-only price that is far better than their retail or fuel card rates.

How many days in advance can I buy fuel?

Fuel codes are valid for 10 days from date of purchase. If your plans change, you can cancel anytime. If your code expires, you can receive a credit for the dollar amount you purchased.

If my plans change, can I get a refund?

Yes, you can book without worry and cancel anytime for a full refund. We understand that loads, routes and weather don’t always go as expected.

What if I pre-buy 100 gallons and end up needing more gallons when I get to the stop?

If you pump all of your prepaid gallons and need more to fill up, you can always purchase additional gallons directly from the truck stop via cash or credit/debit card.

What if my tank fills up and I don’t pump all of my prepaid gallons?

No problem, just snap a picture of your receipt from the pump and send it through the Mudflap app. You will receive a credit on Mudflap for the dollar value of the unused gallons.

If I’m a fleet owner or dispatcher, can I buy for my drivers?

Absolutely, you can purchase gallons for your driver and then just send them the fuel code to redeem at the stop.

Can I use Mudflap on any mobile phone?

Right now, the Mudflap app is available on iPhone only, but it will also be available on Android phones before the end of the year.

When can I expect Mudflap stops to be available everywhere I run?

Soon. Mudflap currently has partner stops throughout the central United States, and we are adding new partners every day across the country.

I need tracking to do my IFTA taxes. Does Mudflap send me a receipt?

Yes, you’ll be emailed a receipt for every fuel purchase you make on Mudflap.

How can I contact Mudflap?

We’d love to hear from you and provide several ways that you can reach out: send us a chat message, email us at or call us at 1-888-885-FUEL.

Truck Stop FAQs

What if I scan a fuel code and the scanner says the code is invalid?

In this case, the code has either already been used or is expired. You can communicate that to the driver and if they have further questions, please ask them to contact Mudflap Support through the Mudflap mobile app.

What if a driver pre-buys 100 gallons, but wants more than 100 when he gets here?

The driver is welcome to buy additional retail gallons at your stop with cash or credit in a separate transaction from his prepaid gallons. Any additional purchase is completely separate from his prepaid gallons on Mudflap.

What if the driver doesn’t pump all of his prepaid gallons?

The driver can send Mudflap a photo of his receipt at the pump, and we will credit his Mudflap account for the dollar value of the unused gallons.

How will I know if a fuel code is expired?

When you scan the fuel code, the scanner will show that it is invalid. You can tell the driver to contact Mudflap to receive credit for his purchase.

When do I get paid?

Every night, Mudflap will send an ACH payment to your bank account for all fuel codes redeemed that day. You can see all of your real-time transaction and payment activity through your Mudflap dashboard.

How can I contact Mudflap?

Feel free to reach out anytime by sending us a chat message, emailing us at or calling us at 1-888-885-FUEL.

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