How Mudflap works
Watch how Mudflap works in 60 seconds

How Mudflap Works

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Pick a stop
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Get a Fuel Code
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Add a payment method to pay through the app (that's how you get the discount!)
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Show cashier the code
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Pump! You'll be charged through Mudflap (not the stop)
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Get an IFTA-friendly receipt

Driver Reviews

Charlie Simmons
The best money saving help for owner operators! Anytime I've needed help from the support team, they've been great to handle any situation and take care of the truck driver!
Martin Scriven Trucking
This week I saved $100 on 280 gallons. It’s easier and very fast at the fuel stops.
Andy Mena
Easy to use and excellent discounts. Love it.
Anthony Fitzgerald
Very awesome app. I use it all the time hauling rvs huge discounts and easy to use. Highly recommend
This app is legit. It has saved me a ton of money. They are growing fast. Customer service is top notch. I highly recommend using this app if you like money. I'm currently saving around 800$ a month (use for 3 years, and save enough money to buy another semi.) This is smart business. compare with buying high dollar fuel at the rip off mega truck stops. Support small business. (get discounts on already cheaper fuel) Today mega truck stop 3.09 I got it via mudflap for 2.30 saved $160.00 one fill
Очень классная программка, очень легко разобраться, и много можно с экономить на топливе!

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