Note from the CEO: Update to Mudflap’s Terms of Service

Starting on September 26th, Mudflap will begin charging a processing fee of 1.9% on credit card transactions made through the Mudflap app. This will help offset the increased processing fees that Mudflap is charged by credit card networks. This fee will not affect fuel purchases made using debit cards, ACH, or the Mudflap Fleet Card. This was a tough decision, and here are a few things we want to make sure all Mudflap customers are aware of.

First, our costs to support credit card payments are higher than the 1.9% fee. This fee will simply go towards helping cover the cost of processing credit card transactions, which can be up to 3.5%. Mudflap will continue to subsidize a significant portion of that cost.

Second, we will not be charging any fees to buy fuel using Debit Cards, ACH, or the Mudflap Fleet Card.
Those payment methods remain free to use. For customers who want to avoid fees altogether, switching to Debit Card or ACH as your primary payment method will allow you to use the Mudflap app as you always have and avoid any processing fees. 

Finally, I often get asked how Mudflap makes money. Our business model has never called for making money off of drivers by charging fees. Other fuel cards do that; we do not. Instead, Mudflap’s business is focused on creating win-win relationships between drivers who are looking for better fuel deals and the truck stops who hope to attract them. Mudflap partners with over 1,600 truck stops nationwide to negotiate the best discounts we can for our loyal customers, and we receive a small incentive from our truck stop partners when we help them attract drivers.

If you have any questions or would like assistance updating your payment method to one of our fee-free options, please call 888-885-3835 or reply to this email, and we’ll be back in touch to support you.