Punchcard FAQ

What is a punchcard?

Your punchcard is a way for you to earn free fuel on Mudflap! Every time you fill-up with at least 75 gallons, you'll get a punch. When you fill up your punchcard, you'll be automatically awarded $25. It's that simple!

How long do I have to complete my punchcard?

Punchcards must be completed within 30 days from signup.

When do I get the fuel credits?

When you fill up the punchard with qualifying fuel ups, you'll be automatically awarded the $25 fuel credit. Just tap on your Mudflap balance after you fill up your punch card and you should see a $25 deposit ready for immediate use!

Should my punchcard update immediately after a fill-up?

It may take a few minutes to verify that your fill up qualifies. If your punch card hasn't updated within a few minutes, try closing and re-opening the Mudflap app. If you still don't see your punchcard update and you're concerned that you didn't get credit, get in touch with Mudflap support at support@mudflapinc.com