Mudflap Payments FAQ

Before you fuel up:

How do I pay for fuel on Mudflap?

1. Start by choosing a truck stop.
2. Tap the green “Get Fuel Code” button to get a 6-digit fuel code. This is a unique code that we use to apply your discount.
3. When prompted, add a payment method. You can choose from:  
• Debit card (no fee) 
• Link your bank account (no fee) 
• Credit card (1.9% processing fee)
4. Visit the fuel desk, and show them your code. They will turn on the pump. Go pump your fuel.

Once you’re done fueling, Mudflap will charge you the discounted Mudflap price and immediately email you an IFTA-friendly receipt (no need to pay the fuel stop directly). You can also get a paper receipt at the fuel stop.

Does Mudflap charge any fees? Why?

The Mudflap app is free to download with no hidden fees. We do not charge fees for debit cards, linked bank accounts, or customers who use the Mudflap Fleet Card. If you choose to pay by credit card, a 1.9% fee will be added to the final transaction amount, net of any credits. This fee helps offset processing fees that Mudflap is charged by credit card networks. 

Why do I need to add a payment method to the app?

To get instant discounts with Mudflap, drivers buy their fuel using the Mudflap app. Once you add your card or linked bank account, get a fuel code and pump your gallons. Mudflap will charge your payment method for your discounted fuel purchase. You never need to show or give your card to the fuel stop.

Is adding a payment method to the Mudflap app safe?

The safety and security of your payment information is a top priority. Mudflap protects your payment information with the same security and SSL encryption used by Amazon and Google.

What is the best way to pay for fuel on Mudflap?

To avoid processing fees, use a debit card for your fuel purchases or link your bank account to your Mudflap account. Linking your bank account also earns you double points in our Discount Boosters program.

What’s our Discount Boosters program?

Discount Boosters is our way of rewarding you for being a loyal Mudflap customer.

1. Earn 1 point for every qualified gallon you purchase at a Mudflap partner stop during a given month (or double points for paying via a linked bank account).
2. Your points unlock a monthly discount booster of up to 4¢ per gallon on top of Mudflap’s already great discounted prices.
3. Your discount booster will be applied to every qualified gallon you pump the following month.

Can I use my fleet card as a payment method in the app?

Besides accepting any debit or credit card, the Mudflap app will accept any fleet card that also has a Mastercard/Visa logo on the front and can be used to buy non-fuel purchases like convenience store items. We also recently launched the Mudflap Fleet Card powered by Visa, which allows fleet owners to issue Mudflap Cards to drivers, capture Mudflap discounts in-network, and also use the card anywhere Visa is accepted. There are no fees for using the Mudflap Fleet Card as your payment method. 

After you fuel up:

What is a card authorization?

When the fuel code is generated, Mudflap puts an authorization hold on your card. The authorization amount can change based on different factors, such as your purchase history and the fuel cost. The authorized amount will cover the transaction total, and Mudflap will release the remainder immediately. However, the actual time to release the credit hold on the card varies by the issuing bank, which typically falls between 1-3 business days.

Why do I see two Mudflap charges for a single fuel transaction?

If the total for fuel exceeds the card-authorized amount, we will process a second charge to cover the remaining balance. Therefore, the Mudflap receipt will reflect the two charges for the single transaction.

Sample receipt of two charges

Sample receipt of two charges

Card Charge Description

  • 1. Initial Authorized Amount
    Partial payment for a fill-up at Super Marvel Truck Stop on 05/12/23. Transaction T1234567
  • 2. Remaining Charge
    Remaining charges for a fill-up at Super Marvel Truck Stop on 05/12/23. Transaction T1234567

Sample receipt of one charge

Sample receipt of one charge

Card Charge Description

  • Payment for a fill-up at Super Marvel Truck Stop on 05/12/23. Transaction T1234567

What happens if the amount of my fill-up is less than the amount Mudflap authorized? 

We only charge you for the fuel you pumped. If you pump less fuel than the authorization hold amount, we’ll release the remainder immediately.

What happens if the amount of my fill-up is more than the amount Mudflap authorized? 

If the fuel total is more than the card-authorized amount, we’ll process a second charge to cover the remaining balance, which you'll see on the same receipt.