Mudflap Card FAQ

Wait! Before you can buy discounted diesel with Mudflap, you need to activate your Mudflap Credit Card.

Where is my Mudflap Credit Card?

Your fleet Manager should have already begun the process to get your card to you. If you don't see your Mudflap Credit Card status in the Mudflap app, get in touch with your Fleet Manager.

What do I do when I get my Mudflap Card?

Step one is activating the card in the Mudflap app!
Step two is simple: just swipe the Mudflap card at any diesel pump to get the discount you see in the Mudflap app - no need to go inside!

Note: you do not need to add your Mudflap Credit Card to the Mudflap app. Use the Mudflap app to find the lowest priced diesel near you, then just swipe your Mudflap credit card like you would any other to fill up!