Discount Boosters

What Are Discount Boosters?

Boosters are a way to make your already-great Mudflap discounts even bigger. Here's how it works:

  • Get a point for every qualified gallon you purchase on Mudflap.
  • When you earn enough points to reach a booster tier, you unlock a discount.
  • That newly unlocked discount will apply to every purchase you make in the following month!
  • Points reset each month.

How Do I Earn Points Towards Bigger Discounts?

Every qualified gallon you purchase on Mudflap will count for one point towards your Discount Booster tier progress.

1 gallon = 1 point

When you reach a new Booster tier, that Discount Booster amount will be applied to every gallon purchased next month.

Diesel purchases made with the Mudflap Card or Mudflap Wallet/My Funds do not qualify for Discount Boosters or Discount Booster points.

Can I Earn Points Any Faster?

Paying for your diesel by linked bank account will earn points towards Discount Booster tiers at 2x the normal rate.

That means that 1 gallon = 2 points when you pay by bank account.

Does My Discount Booster Expire?

Your earned discount is applicable to all purchases for the full month following the month in which it was earned. Discounts do not carry over from month to month.

For example: if you pump 3,000+ gallons through the Mudflap app in September, you will earn a Tier 4 (4c/gallon discount) that can be applied to all purchases in October.

Do I Need to Activate Discount Boosters Each Month?

Nope! As long as you have a linked payment method, you will earn points every month.