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Driver Spotlight

Chuck Parr
Independent Owner/Operator, former board member of OOIDA, renowned elected official and minister in his rural PA town.
Chuck is well versed as a truck driver, spending more than 4 decades on the road. He even met and married his wife, Ona, when Ona was driving for the same company!
Since joining, Chuck’s filled up 28x with an average savings of 30¢/gal!
Chuck’s interests
Classic cars, Frazier reruns, community affairs, and veteran affairs. Most of all: Ona, his wife (they built a fleet together!)
What Chuck loves about Mudflap
"I appreciate so much more than the savings. The customer service is superb! I am patronizing the smaller truck stop chains and privately owned facilities who, like me, battle to compete with the Big Boyz that won't give me the discounts the large fleets get.”