Get Pumped!
Our Discount Boosters are here.

Get up to $120 of extra monthly savings per driver in your fleet with discount boosters.

How It Works

1. Earn 1 point for every qualified gallon you purchase at a Mudflap partner stop during a given month.

2. Your points unlock a monthly discount booster of up to 4¢ per gallon on top of Mudflap’s already great discounted prices.

3. Your discount booster will be applied to every qualified gallon you pump the following month.
Qualified gallons are defined as any Mudflap discounted gallon. Points are earned on purchases of discounted gallons only - you do not earn points for any other purchases.

Mudflap Discount Boosters in Action

Program FAQs for Fleets

What are Discount Boosters? How do they work?
Mudflap Discount Boosters helps you save more on every qualified gallon pumped! Fleet Card holders earn 1x point on every qualified gallon. Your earned points this month unlock guaranteed discounts next month. It’s a great way to increase the discount you are already getting on every gallon. 
When do Mudflap’s Discount Boosters launch?
Mudflap’s Discount Boosters officially launched on September 1, 2023. The gallons that you purchased in August already accumulated points toward your bonus discount in September.
How do I sign up?
All Mudflap Fleet Card customers are automatically enrolled in Discount Boosters earning 1 point per qualified gallon.
How do I earn points?
All purchases of qualified gallons made at Mudflap partner stops will qualify for Discount Boosters. You can use the chart below to see how quickly discounts can add up!
What is a qualifying fill-up?
With our new Discount Booster program, every qualified gallon you pump at a Mudflap partner stops earns you points. A qualified gallon is defined as Mudflap discounted gallons purchased in-network will qualify. You do not earn points for any out-of-network purchases.
If one member of our team earns points, can a Discount Booster be applied to purchases for the entire fleet the following month? 
No. Points are earned at the card holder level and can only be applied to said card holder’s purchases the following month. Points cannot be aggregated or applied to multiple card holders across a fleet.
Is there a waiting period? Or are new customers eligible for Discount Boosters?
Starting on Day 1, the gallons that you pump at Mudflap partner stops will accumulate points towards your next month’s Discount Booster.
Do I have to pay a membership fee to be eligible for Discount Boosters?
No, Mudflap’s Discount Boosters are free for all customers.
Do the Discount Boosters expire? For example, what if I am not on the road in September? Can I use my discount in October instead?
Your Discount Booster is applied to all in-network purchases for the full month following the month in which it was earned. For example: if you buy 1,000+ gallons through the Mudflap app in September, you will earn a 2c/gallon discount that can be applied to all in-network purchases in October.
How are months calculated? For example, if I sign up on the 15th of a month, do I have a full 30 days to get points?
Discount Boosters are based on calendar months, from the first to the last day of each month. Points are earned in each calendar month for purchases made between the 1st and last day of each month. Your earned discount booster is posted on the first day of the following month. Discount will apply to the following month's purchases every single day of the following month.